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Chapter I  General Principles

Article 1
According to the authorized requirement of CICFP and relevant rules of “the certification of Certified Financial Planners”, to make the continuing education approaches.

Article 2
The continuing education means to continuously increase the professional level of the holder of Certified Financial Planners (hereinafter referred to as holder), to strengthen the practicing capacity of the holder, to maintain the effectiveness of the certification, and the holders must complete the educational content within the stipulated term. 

Article 3
The necessary requirement of re-certification is that the holder must complete the total number of the stipulated lessons of the CICFP within validity period of the certification.

Chapter II   The content and form of Continuing education

Article 4
The continuing education courses are divided into core courses and elective courses. 

Article 5
Core course.  It means the holder must complete the stipulated lessons of the course within validity period of the certification, and the topic of core course is according to the intensive programs offered by CICFP shall be final. 
Article 6
Elective course.  It means the holder select the lessons according to the CICFP’s recommendation of the topics within the validity period of the certification.  The topics of elective courses annually released by the “ a series of CICFP of follow-up education guidebook of certification holder” shall prevail.

Article 7
Continuing education form included:
1. CICFP’s live continuing education activities;
2. CICFP of professional forum, seminar and academic report conference and so on;
3. The relevant content of learning and activity are held by the unit of the holder and approved by CICFP. 
4. Different kind of continuing education activities provided by the authorized professional organizations of CICFP
5. To be the instructor of Financial Training or the speaker of the seminar of CICFP or its authorized educational organizations; 
6. Any other approaches recognized by CICFP.
Chapter III  Continuing education time requirement

Article 8
The first reporting period after obtaining the certificate is period of the holder of qualification certificate for valid, hereafter, every subsequent year is a reporting period

Article 9
During every reporting period, the holder should complete total 30 lessons of core and elective courses of continuing education.  The over lessons of last reporting period will not calculate in the next reporting period.

Article 10
During every reporting period, the holder should complete total 10 lessons of core courses of continuing education.

Article 11
The holder participate in Article7, No.1 to 5 forms of continuing education, recognized as 1 lesson every 60 minutes, at least 6 lessons of continuing education for every reporting period.

Article 12
CICFP is responsible for verifying, recognizing and registering the lessons of continuing education which the holder have participated.

Article 13
Allowing to apply in writing to extend the continuing education reporting period because of one of circumstances below:
1. Fertility and Maternity leave;
2. Above half years cause disease cannot to pursue regular job

Article 14
The holder should reserve the document of continuing education and relevant information at least for 3 years, and provide them when CICFP do the examination and sampling check.

Article 15
Submit baseless, incorrect and false the recognized application of total lessons of continuing education that would violated the rules of professional ethic of CFP.  CICFP will base on the CFP disciplinary measures to take appropriate punishment to the holder who is breach of the rules. 

Chapter IV  Supplementary Provisions

Article 16
The discipline is responsibility of CICFP to explanation and amendment.

Article 17
The discipline will take effect from the date of promulgation. 
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