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10 years leap-the 10th anniversary of foundation of Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planner

2019-01-28 18:47:30

      In 2005, a financial industry organization which was gestated for 3years and established in Asia Financial Centre.  This 10 years, it stick to help the member promoting their professional skills and vocational ethic in the professional standard, talent training system and industrial discipline management, it also gained a great achievement in increasing the social creditability of financial planner, expanding the influence of financial industry in the oversea and domestic, etc.  The Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planner (hereafter CICFP) has been established for 10 years, it has made a leading and guiding effect to wholly facilitate the sustainable development of China financial industry. 
      To establish international association system, introducing and construct industrial international standard evaluation system
      CICFP as the pioneer in the knowledge system of certified financial planner, from establishment to development, all along adhere to the notion of international organizations, learn and absorb experiences about advanced financial management, training and other aspects from international organizations, and strive for promoting the standard of certified financial planner.  On march, 2005, CICFP has been registered in international financial center - Hong Kong, China, its members come from Mainland China, HongKong China, Taiwan China, Macau China, Singapore, Australia, America and other countries and regions.  From the beginning of establishment, first secretary general of CICFP, Mr. Zheng Weimen strive for constructing a international and professional organization, and make sure domestic financial planner industry fitting in with international standard in initial stage.  To ensure the CICFP’ s works don’t lose at the “scratch line”. 
The CICFP absorbed international financial planner’s standard, introduced and set up China’s own financial planner qualification and training industrial standard – 4E certification system and continuing training system.  The applicants who want to obtain domestic financial planner qualification must have 4E standards, it is education, examination, experience and ethics.  To consider that changes in developing environment of economy and law and professional knowledge update, financial planners still must accept the continuing education according to the continuing training system to ensure they have the competence to be financial planner. 
      Financial works in popularity, promotion and international exchange is fruitful
      In order to promote and populate the financial business and do public financial education well, CICFP continue to hold all kind of activities to provide continuous communication, cooperation and development platforms for financial business exchange.  From founding CICFP, it has held totally 200 influential congresses and forums in this 10 years, such as China Financial Forum中國理財論壇, International Financial Capital Peak Forum國際理財資本高峰論壇; it also supported, co-organized and participated in 600 activities, such as Asian Financial Forum亞洲金融論壇, East Asia Financial Summit Forum東亞金融高峰論壇, that provide an annual professional exchange platform.  CICFP created the brand which is China Financial Forum中國理財論壇won widespread praise in both inside and outside the industry.  Till to November 2014, China Financial Forum which has been hold for 10 sessions is effective to familiarize different parties in the society with relative policies and law of financial instruments, development trend and relative international and domestic economic background of the domestic personal financial services, and facilitate the standard of domestic personal financial industry.  CICFP and Financial Planner Magazine Press大眾理財顧問機構hold “Bai Jia Financial Planner百佳理財師”, “Jin Pai Financial Planner金牌理財師”, “10 Best Financial Planner Organizations十佳理財師機構” and so on, that awards have been sought-after professional awards between financial organizations and practitioners.  
      Training high standard financial term, wining praises and recognition from customers
      As the key to be successful and wealthy in 21 century, numerous professional people devote themselves to certified financial planner industry because of widespread prospect of financial planners.  CICFP has set up totally 31 authorized education organizations in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and so on, it has trained a large number of professional talents with ability and morality that depended on its own plentiful academic resource and professional teachers.  Until now, over 90 thousands people studied in CICFP’s course system, the students spread all over corporations, banks, insurance companies, security companies, investment companies, finance companies, futures companies and other organizations.  Decades’ effort bring today’s business.  In order to get recognition and respect from international financial industry, CICFP has started international connective scheme.  CICFP had approved by Institute of International Finance, Asian Finance Association Co., Limited, Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong, International Association of Financial Advisers, Accreditation Service for International Colleges, Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and other organizations.  Today, celebrating the 10th anniversary of CICFP not only commend for its past fruitful business, but also make the 10th anniversary activities to be a much more meaningful platform that let members have abilities to fulfill their own purposes in knowledge and practice, and face up to today’s challenges, don’t fall short of expectation to CICFP from all kind of society.