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The Secretary-General of CICFP, Zheng Huiwen was invited to attend the Theme Annual Conference of th

2019-01-28 18:47:30

    GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會) boosted the Annual Conference and Promoting of the Transition and Development Vocational Organizations was organized in 23rd January 2016 at Guangzhou R & F New World Centre(廣州富力新天地中心).  Mr. Wu Zhiqing, The chairman of GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會), Mr. Bi Jieli , Senior occupational education and guidance expert, Mr. Chen Siyi, the chief of occupational (entrepreneurship) education and guidance expert, Mr. Zheng Huiwen, the Secretary-General and Deputy director of China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee(中華職業教育社金融專業委員會, hereafter CVEAFC), Mr. Hu Zhongmei, the provincial propaganda deputy minister of Guangdong province, Mr. Zhang Yangding, the associate dean of Guangdong Academy of social science(廣東省社會科學院), Mr. Han Dongcai, the Deputy Secretary of party committee on Guangdong University of Education(廣東省第二師範學院), and each member association person in charge have taken part in this theme annual conference. 

    During the conference, Guangdong Zhongda Zhiye Peixun Xueyuan(廣東中大職業培訓學院), South IT College(廣東南方職業培訓學院) etc,. have separately introduced the advanced experiences of vocational training organizations.   Meanwhile, the annual conference still have appraised and elected the “top 10 of occupational education” and “Most distinctive training college”. 
    Mr. Wu Zhiqing, the chairman of GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會) had summarized the working report 2015, and planned works in 2016.  He expressed that the GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會) was established over one year, it focus on and serve the overall situation of development of the society and economy, promoting innovation, pragmatic and truth-seeking, pioneering spirit, build-up the service platform for the members. It obtained better results in constructing system, promoting policies, business exchanging and teams development and so on. 
    “Especially, when the private vocational training organizations are in the developed dilemma, the GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會) will be according to the requirement of transition and development of the society and economy for occupational education training, we have made deep investigation and study, and target the market demand, then we will organize and develop training programs and expand the training market.” Mr. Wu Zhiqing said that.  In 2016, the GDPAC Association (廣東省職業能力建設協會) will continue to strive do better in expanding the development of member, organizing experience exchange, strengthening policies promotions and exploiting brand-new training programs etc., it is aim at boosted the training organizations to accelerate their transition development. 
    During the conference, Guangdong Zhiye Nengli Jianshe Xiehui “廣東省職業能力建設協會”, Guangdong Xiandai Zhiye Nengli Kaifa Yanjiuyuang “廣東現代職業能力開發研究院”, Treasury Financial Training Group and Treasury Education Technologies Corporations have signed the agenda of exploiting vocational ability programs.