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China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee inaugural ceremony and China Financial

2019-01-28 18:47:30

     “China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee inaugural ceremony and China Financial Forum 2015”have hold in Beijing the Great Hall of the People in 19th December 2015.  This event is hosted by China Vocational Education Association (中華職業教育社), and undertaken by Treasury Financial Training Group(國財金融培訓集團)and Financial Planner magazine press《大眾理財顧問》雜誌社.  The conference get vigorous support from the Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planner (中國注冊理財規劃師協會)and ASIANFA(亞洲金融學會). 
China Vocational Education Association which is a exempt-registered society directly governed by the Central government composed of people from educational circle, economic circle and scientific and technological circle.  It seems a bridge to unite the Party and the government and connect with oversea and domestic people of educational circle.  Now, it is subordinated to the Secretariat of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and managed by the United Font Work Department of CPC Central Committee.  The foundation of China Vocational Education Association Finance Committee will make a great progress for increasing domestic vocational financial planners’ qualification. 

    In recent years, with the development of internet and communication technology, internet and finance have accelerated integration.   The internet finance not only increase the finance resource allocation, but also provide new channel and method for financial management, it becomes one of innovative factors in finance modality.  “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: Recommendations for the 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development” explicitly address five major ideas of development - innovation, co-ordination, Green, opening up and sharing, innovation precedes all other ideas of development.  On July 18, 2015, the People’s Bank of China and other nine ministries issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Internet Finance’, it is regarded as “basic law” to regularize domestic internet finance business model.  How to determine the macroscopic trend of economic and social development, seizing the trend and risk of such innovative internet finance.  Now, the society most concern what the internet finance will affect the innovation of financial management service model.  This forum according to the topic- “the new opportunity of internet finance to financial management” to invite government officials, authoritative experts and leading organizations of industry to focus on the interpretation of “recommendations” and “opinions” to analyze the current developmental characteristic of domestic economy, and to explore innovative methods of financial industry, that had been answered the hotspot issue of the domestic economy and finance in macroscopic, medium, microcosmic, multi-aspects and systematic ways. 
China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee inaugural ceremony is hosted by Mr. Han Xiaoguang, the Deputy Executive Director of China Vocational Education Association, the Director-General of China Vocational Education Association, Mr. Wang Jinbao gave his speech according to the founding background and meaning of China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee, he also expressed his request to the Committee’s working objective and developing direction.  After that, the leaders unveiled the plague for China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee.  After inaugural ceremony, Mr. Zhu Xiangyuan, the member of 10th standing committee of the national people congress and the vice-chairman of central committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, Mr. Zhou Baodong, commission secretary for inspecting displine and deputy secretary of the party committee of China Machine Press, they represented the Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planner and Financial Planner magazine press delivered enthusiastic addresses, and ardently congratulated the foundation of China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee, they believe that have a great meaning for facilitating talents of domestic financial industry to build their careers.  

    In the mid night, on December 1, 2015, International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that RMB will included in Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket as a fifth currency, along with the U.S. dollars, the euro, Japanese yen, and the British pound, this will be effective on October 1, 2016, the RMB is determined to be a freely useable currency.  It means this is important milestone moment to RMB internationalism.  Base on this finance hotspot issue, the senior fellow of Chongyang Institute Financial Studies Renmin University of China, Former Deputy Administrator of State Administrator of Foreign Exchange and the former executive director of the People’s Republic of IMF, Mr. Wei Benhua delivered a speech “the meaning and influence of RMB included in SDR basket”.  He thought that the RMB included in SDR basket proving the successes of Chinese economic reform policy, it also help to push much more reform to international monetary system.  View the prospect, China will continue to reform and open-up, keep the China economy in sound and continuous development.  Besides, China will continuously reform RMB’s rate as system in the financial field, further the capital account convertibility of RMB in orderly, and create condition for RMB making important effect in SDR basket.
On the theme of this forum-“internet financial development”, director general of finance institute of People’s Bank of China, Mr. Yao Yudong delivered the theme of speech-“study related to internet finance problem”.  Mr. Yao expanded particularly on internet financial principles, policies and practice problem from the risks and solutions of internet finance, principle of internet finance, type analysis of internet finance and interpretation of “Guiding Opinions”, that inspired the attendees in deep.  

    Executive dean of the Congyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, Mr. Wang Wen delivered theme of speech-“innovative methods of China finance”.  He analyzed financial development from global perspective, and mentioned suggestions to the developmental policies of domestic financial industry.  Mr. Wang also analyzed the affect of Fed rate hike this month to global financial market.  
    The nature of internet finance still is finance, risk management is eternal topic for study and discussion.  Dean of Internet Finance and Law School of China University of Political Science and Law, and author of the best selling book-“internet financial law and practice” 《互聯網金融法律與實務》, Professor Li Aijun gave analysis and interpretation with principles and practices to internet finance’s innovative mode, nature and relationship of law, relative law system, law problem and so on in the forum.  Since 2009, Professor Li was systematically studying the internet finance, and early in 2011, she have launched the easy-“the maturity of law system of public loan internet platform” 《民間借貸網絡平台法律製度的完善》, she not only set a precedent of domestic internet financial law study, but also is called as “first person in China internet financial law study” by the media.  

    Mr. Xu Zewei, the founder and CEO of 91 Jingyong, Mr. Hsu Weimin, the CEO of Bajin Finance八戒理財, Mr. Wu Jiafu, the founding partner and CEO of Baifenlicai百分理財, Mr. Liu Huan, the vice president of Yuan Heng Sheng Tong元亨盛通 and so on, they represented the internet financial organizations to deliver the speech and discussion in the forum, and made a wonderful interpretation of development of internet finance and meaning of financial management, that have won a strong resonance of attendees.  That have commended the persons and unites for their outstanding contribution in the field of financial management 2015 in the last part of the congress. 
“China Financial Forum” as the most influential professional financial grand meeting of China, since founded in 2005, stick to the brand orientation of “profession, taste, practice”, that has established good reputation in the industry and has been hold for 11 sessions.  During “China Financial Forum2015”,  China Vocational Education Association and Finance Committee, Financial Planner Magazine Press and Treasury Financial Training Group have signed tripartite strategic cooperation agreement, that have a most aggressive effect in promoting the professional qualification of domestic vocational financial planners, guaranteeing the sound development of financial industry and building wealth-civilized society.