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The chairman of CICFP visited people.cn

2019-01-28 18:46:38

      On August 14, 2014,at half past fifteen, Mr. Zhu Xiangyuan, the member of 10th standing committee of the national people congress, vice-mayor of Beijing Municipality, the vice-chairman of central committee of China National Democratic Construction Association and chairman of CICFP, Mr. Yan Bingwu, the director of Graphic design and edit department of postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group (中國郵政集團公司郵票印製局圖稿編輯設計部主任), and Prof. Guo Jianhua, dean of the Institute of Qing History of Renmin University of China, they visited the people.cn and introduced the story of Zhuge Liang stamps to netizen, they especially mentioned that stamps were State brand card and valuable documentation of state issue, those were with excellent financial functions.