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The Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners gained British authoritative organization reco

2019-01-28 18:46:38

      CICFP accredited by Accreditation Service for International Colleges
      Recently, The Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners (hereafter CICFP) accredited by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (hereafter ASIC), which is important milestone of internationalizing strategy following the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants accredited by Macau. 

      The founding secretary general of CICFP, Mr. Zheng Weimen issued the certified of appreciation to Accreditation Service for International Colleges
      To understanding of CICFP established in 2005, it has set up totally 30 authorized organizations in the mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and son on, it provided pre-lesson organizations, standard authorized, continuing education, hotspot talks and other services for its members, besides, it is the most authoritative certified financial planners training organization in our country, now, it has trained a large amount of certified financial planners for our country, the members service in all kind of remarkable corporate, banks, security and insurance companies, investment and finance companies, futures companies and other tremendous strength organizations
      With international economic communication be closer and closer , transnational financial business communication is constantly deepening, the problem that our country lack talents in international financial field is gradually emerging, in the light of this phenomenon, CICFP, Life Office Management Association (LOMA), International Certified Financial Planners Association (ICFPA), International Association of Registered Financial Committee (IARFC), Society of Registered Financial Planners (HKRFP), Asian Financial Association (Asian FA) signed mutual recognized course agreement that give impetus to financial planners’ training to a new stage. 
      The deputy secretary general of CICFP, Dr. Chan Kin Pong said that CICFP will in accordance with international principles and aim of local practices explore professional courses, and strive for significantly promoting the students’ professional technologies, and constantly push strategic internationalization forward.  He disclosed that CICFP had separately submitted applications of authentication to 3 countries’ councils for academic accreditation, such as China, Hong Kong, British and United State, that will further to enhance the training more authoritative and professional. 
      To understand, ASIC, which conferred authentication on CICFP, is the council specializing in its domestic and foreign education organizations’ academic accreditation and responsible for examining and recognizing the certificates of academic background qualification from domestic and foreign, it is one of current global authoritative organizations for global academic quality accreditation and represent the highest standard of academic accreditation in the world at present.   As its method is almost “harsh”, and it needs a large amount of money and manpower to pass the accreditation, that make majority of applicants discouraged. 
      Some analysis pointed out CICFP obtained the recognition from ASIC that symbolized China has a veritable international financial education organization.