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Certified Tax Manage Auditor More Professional Financial Management

2019-01-28 18:46:38

      The era of knowledge and economy, information technology development has changed business environment of enterprises.  Financial management environment in company has a large change because of international internet development, innovation of information, satellite communication and other new technologies changing the notion of traditional time and space.  Financial management in company not just limited of its or region’s own, company development which must run with the notion of brand-new finance and modernization financial management has people-oriented notion.  When company development along with time, existing knowledge of certified tax management auditors is far from being able to meet the need of modern enterprise development and reformation, CICFP found examination and assessment standard of “certified tax management” on recent year experience of tax management and principle of transnational financial tax management, it trained the tax management auditors systematically, and let them perform more professional in tax management. 
      Certified Tax Management Auditor (CTMA) emphasize tax plan and reduce tax burden.  Intimately follow with constructive situation of  “3 core resources and 5 large-scale stages” system, to strive to early intervene, plan and reduce tax cost reasonably.  Making full use of state tax laws and cooperate with human resource department to take reasonably operation model in institutional reorganization, salary payment and other aspects to reduce tax burden and protect the interests of company and employees; secondly, strengthening its groundwork and standardizing the tax management.   Comprehensively give impetus on application of combinations of financial management and tax management, the application of system is be an important part of financial information assessment, stick to promote the informatisation of tax management; next step, the financial assess department will set up supporting management system, clarify duty, standardize process and constantly reinforce the tax management foundation; thirdly, strengthening the online monitoring to avoid tax risks.  To take an advantage of tax informatisation, analyzing the tax quarterly, and do real-time online monitoring to timely collect various tax information to prevent and control tax risks. 
      In the specific production areas, the best performance of company finance effects focus on increasing the “3Es”, it means emphasizing promotion of economic efficiency, economic effect’s good or bad and economic efficiency’s high or low.  Enterprise must have the management awareness and thought adapt to knowledge economy.  In sense of the management, it should have integration, that are efficient consciousness,  strategic consciousness, market consciousness, reform consciousness, competition consciousness, exploration consciousness, time consciousness, talent consciousness, scientific and technology consciousness, quality consciousness and brand consciousness. 
      The knowledge structure of an excellent tax management personnel should be T-type.  It means she/he must possess professional knowledge in-depth, such as finance, accounting, auditing, tax, investment activities and so on, then it must also master a certain range of other knowledge, that include economic laws, business management, corporate merge and reorganization, company own basic production technology knowledge and marketing knowledge, negotiation skill and corporate governance, etc.  Certified tax management auditor highlight the Chief Finance Officer should be proficiency in management accounting, performance management, company strategy, company governance and other knowledge, it is of great benefit.  
For instance, the expansion of modern corporations mostly carry out by merge, the process is full of traps if the corporations lack of attentions will get into scrapes.  The most of traps is financial trap, while the corporations fell into the traps that will cause damage or even encounter with bankrupt in worst, however, it cannot solve the problem by financial accounting knowledge, it also depend on law knowledge, certified tax management auditor train personnel from multi-aspects, that the tax personnel in the corporations can avoid risks and acquit income.