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1st Financial Planner Competition in Beijing 2010 accepting submissions

2019-01-28 18:46:38

      The 1st Financial Planner Competition in Beijing 2010 is hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work (北京市金融工會) and CICFP, and is co-organized by Beijing Banking Association, Insurance Association of China and Securities Association of China, the competition is accepting submissions.
     There are the submission item on the homepage of CICFP’s website, (www.cicfp.com). 
     This competition is divided into preliminary, eighth-finals, semi-finals, finals, CICFP will select the Beijing Municipal Financial Planner, 10 best financial planners and excellent financial planner through organizing professionals to assessing, training, internet voting and so on.  The organizing committee will introduce and recommend the best financial planners to Beijing citizen.